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Free parking in Faro until the end of December

faro2Parking areas in Faro, that normally are served by pay-and display meters, will remain free until the end of December.

The Council has taken the opportunity to spread some Christmas cheer, while encouraging shoppers to visit the city, by taking advantage of the November 30th expiry of the current concessions.

The Council will renew the car parking payment  contracts as from January 1st but will try and keep the service in-house after the high prices charged by concession companies made parking in the city an expensive option.

Sadly, the City's underground car parks are not part of the current 'free parking bonus' but drivers are free to use all formerly pay-and-display zones without charge.

The machines will show an ‘equipment temporarily out of order’ sign but drivers are advised not to go looking for a working machine – none of them are working for the rest of the month.


+3 #2 Denby 2018-12-07 10:01
HAPPY CHRISTMAS to Faro council.
-4 #1 TT 2018-12-06 19:43
The intention of attracting shoppers will undoubtedy be thwarted by workers parking as close as possible to their workplaces and leaving their cars there all day.