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Albuferia waitress 'stripped, stabbed and scalped' for having affair

albufeira2Leighanne Rumney, 22, from the North East of England, was working as a waitress at The Hot Shot Bar in Albufeira when she claims she was abducted and attacked in a 'shaming ritual'

Rumney said she was stripped and had her hair cut off by a gang of 'gypsies' after wrongly being accused of having an affair with a married man.

Leighanne Rumney says she was kidnapped by the man's relatives and driven to a wooded area near Alcantarilha where she repeatedly was stabbed in the back.

The married man in question came in to The Hot Shot Bar and made advances to her which were rejected. However, the man’s family became convinced they he was having an affair with Romney, she claims.

The three alleged attackers, said by police and court officials to be from the local Roma community from Porches near Lagoa, are said to have picked Leighanne up in their car, which she got into, despite being mid-argument, in a move she admits was "naive."

“They drove me 45 minutes away from where I lived to a remote spot then opened and bag which I saw contained two knives and scissors," Rumney told The Sun newspaper.

“I was convinced they were going to kill me and was so scared I didn’t move or speak as the two women stripped me naked and started stabbing me in the back.

“They finally took the scissors and chopped off all my hair - it was some kind of a ritual to shame me - then left me with blood pouring from my wounds.”

Leighanne crawled naked to the road where she flagged down a passing car.

The waitress was left with nine scars and is unable to take a shower as she is traumatised by the thought of feeling warm blood pouring down her back.

The two female attackers - said to be the man’s wife and mother - and the male car driver, face trial in Portugal this coming week for the attack that happened in May 2015.

Rute Isabel Almeida, 40, and Eliana Carvalho, 24, have been charged with kidnap and assault alongside the driver, Tiago Soutenho, 22.



Leighanne Rumney, left with scars on her back and scalp

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+3 #2 Denby 2019-02-03 19:15
You reported recently that you would not tolerate anymore nasty comments.
Can you explain how you could allow the HATE SPEECHof #1.
This type of behaviour should not be tolerated and reader's should not be subjected to hurtful, racist and abusive comments of this nature, al be it, wrapped up in an air of caring for the tragic case of the acid attack on the British women.
Reader's get really fed up with reading this type of half truths, non truth and outright lies that have been wrote by Daphne.
Quite right, thanks for the info. Post deleted
+3 #1 Denby 2019-02-03 17:47
I do wish at times that you had a ? Mark to use when red or green isn't sufficient.
As Daphne's comment has left me bewildered and l don't understand ANYTHING she is trying to communicate it all sounds like a load of nonsense.

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