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EN125 hit and run - young woman in induced coma at Faro Hospital

INEM125A young woman was found unconscious in a ditch by the EN125 on Friday Feb 1st, after being hit by a vehicle and left for dead.

The 21-year-old, Diana Valério, now lies in Faro hospital in an induced coma.

Valério was walking at the side of the EN125, near Bias do Norte, Olhão, when she was hit, suffering several serious fractures and other injuries.

By chance, someone walked by and spotted her unconscious body in the roadside ditch.

Valério was walking to a spot where she normally waited for a lift to work at a security company in Faro.

After the alert was raised, an INEM emergency medical team assisted her and she was transported to Faro where her condition is considered to be serious.

The local GNR already has identified the owner of the car who is an Olhão resident.

The vehicle, which was abandoned near the accident, has impact damaged consistent with the accident. The vehicle owner’s son is helping with inquiries.

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