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Lithium mining licences to be awarded in May

MinisterEnvironmentPortugal’s Environment Mnister, João Matos Fernandes, said that a pre-selection of the candidates for lithium mining already has been made and that any contract will make sure that added value stays in the country.

With the search for lithium at a high, due to the demand for batteries powering electric cars, Portugal is well placed to take advantage as there are significant resources to be mined.

The competition for exploration licenses is about to be launched - João Matos Fernandes says that the Government wants to go ahead in May.

As for added value, João Matos Fernandes commented, "It is very clear and explicit in the exploration contract that a contract will only be assigned to those who build a lithium refinery or join an existing refinery project."

Matos Fernandes pointed out that the Government does not want companies to mine and export raw materials and that the added value has to stay in Portugal.

Portugal ranked in the top six of the world's largest lithium producers in 2017 with 400 tons per year mined for the ceramic industry. There are significant reserves, the largest in Western Europe, which are attracting companies that want to bid for mining rights.

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+8 #2 John Stoddart 2019-04-11 06:19
Maximillian should be careful what he wishes for! Portuguese Government Contracts with private sector concerns will always be shrouded in secrecy or at least so redacted as to be meaningless. As we have seen with Algarve Oil Exploration - it is nothing to do with 'little people' so butt out!
The company owners will be anons. so we, the 'little people', will have no idea of the close family and friends making the arrangements on both sides and - if also involving 'padded envelopes' to get favourable decisions- seen as a form of organised crime elsewhere.
+5 #1 Maximillian 2019-04-10 19:24
Perhaps this time we get to see a decent contract and not a 'give-away' or 'secret' one..... ;-)

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