Lagos Council to buy land for 100 new low-rent homes

construction2Lagos Council is buying three large plots of land on which to build around 100 council houses.

The proposal to spend €1.225 million has been approved by the Council executive and needs now to be voted on by the general assembly.

This investment is part of the overall 2018-2021 plan to build housing for poorer families in the municipality that already has seen projects approved for housing in Bensafrim, Sargaçal and Lagos.

The three lots of land in the new proposal are in the parish of São Gonçalo, in an urban area west of Júlio Dantas Secondary School. The land currently is owned by the CHESGAL Cooperative which is happy to sell at the agreed price.

The Council’s housing programme brings together a series of measures that aim to boost the private rental market, to encourage property renovation, to promote the availability of plots for self-build, to balance property demand and supply.



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