Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary to participate in effort to “renaturalize Monchique”

ryanair monchiqueThe project “Renaturalize Monchique” will be presented on October 22nd, at 12:30 pm, in Foia, at the top of Monchique. The meeting session is set to be attended by Michael O'Leary, CEO of Ryanair, the most popular airline in Europe.

This project, which aims at the ecological restoration of the burnt areas of Monchique caused by the devastating forest fires last year, is the result of a partnership between Algarve Tourism, Ryanair, the GEOTA - Territorial Planning and Environment Study Group, the ICNF – Institute of Nature Conservation and Forests, and Monchique City Council.

The program includes the presentation of the project, followed by the signing of a protocol between all partners and the symbolic planting of the first of about 75,000 trees that are set to be planted in order to help to renature the Monchique mountain range.

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+2 #3 Chip 2019-10-17 11:14
You'll have to do a lot more than plant a tree to regain popularity O'Leary.

And Lufthansa is the most popular airline in Europe, not your squalid operation.
-9 #2 James Radley 2019-10-16 08:08
Gemima, Eucalyptus trees used to grow well on the hills around Monchique. Maybe some more of those?
+7 #1 Gemima 2019-10-15 21:29
What type of trees will they be planting?

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