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Hydrographic research boat analyses seabed of the Algarve coast

hydrographic researchThe Navy is on a mission to learn more about the Algarve seabed. The Andromeda hydrofoil research boat has been sailing off the Algarve coast since October 7th, with the goal of carrying out research to contribute to the mapping of marine sediments and the further description of the sedimentary rock structure of the seabed.

This mission on the Algarve Platform, which will run until the 3rd of November, is part of the Marine Sediment Mapping program (SEDMAR) and the OnOff research project, funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology.

The project will "contribute to the reconstruction of tsunami events on the continental shelf of the Algarve, based on evidence found in the sedimentary structure."

In this context, geophysical surveys and sediment harvesting will be carried out.

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+2 #1 Mark Holden 2019-10-20 09:51
Geophysical surveys?
Alarm bells anyone?
Will the results be made public, will oil company geophysicists have access?

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