Portimão Paralympic qualifies for Tokyo Paralympic Games

PORTIMÃO PARALYMPIC QUALIFIES FOR TOKYO PARALYMPIC GAMESParalympic athlete Luís Costa from Portimâo has qualified for the Tokyo Paralympic Games, which will take place in Japan between August 24th and 5th of September.

The athlete, who was 8th in the H5 class time trial during the Paracycling World Championships and European vice-champion in the 10.6 km time trial of the same class, was honoured by the Mayor of Portimão, Isilda Gomes, receiving a sardine-shaped trophy, a symbol of the city.

At the event that took place on July 16th, the mayor highlighted the fact that “Portimão, even going through difficult times, has always found a way out, because the people from Portimão are resilient and fighters, as exemplified by Luís Costa, an example for everyone, and in all titles.”
"I can only feel grateful, proud and happy for your Paralympic qualification, wishing you to have the best possible results, given that your presence is
 the recognition that you are a very high level athlete”, underlined the mayor, “there are few who manage to reach this level.”

According to Isilda Gomes, “regardless of the result he has, Luís knows that we will welcome him with open arms and with the same pride that we feel at this moment when we are wishing him a good trip and asking him to do the best he can, representing the our city, whose name will already be mentioned just because it represents Portugal in Tokyo.”

"It's a pity that sometimes people aren't as valued as they should be, but we'll be here to echo Luis Costa's heroic deeds, because he's a hero”, highlighted the mayor.

One of Portimão's ambassadors during the European City of Sport 2019, the paracyclist thanked the tribute and guaranteed that he will do his best to feel worthy of this symbolic distinction.

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