Covid-19: Algarve mayors request risk map criteria be changed

COVID-19: ALGARVE MAYORS REQUEST RISK MAP CRITERIA BE CHANGEDAlgarve mayors are asking for a change in the criteria of the Covid-19 risk map. The region is practically all at high or very high risk of contagion during peak season. A situation that will continue in the coming weeks.

At this time of year, the Algarve opens its doors to the high season with the highest incidence rate in the country: more than 800 new cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 inhabitants. The risk metric currently determines the closing of trade at 22:30 in 14 of the 16 municipalities in the region. 

Albufeira and Loulé lead the list, but there are already six Algarve municipalities in the top 10 in terms of incidence in the country. And the trend is still growing.

There is little hope that the situation will change before the end of August, in light of current risk criteria.

The mayors want to look, therefore, at the number of Covid patients admitted to hospital: this Friday there were 69, 16 of them in the ICU. These values ​​are far removed from those of the last wave and justify, according to the mayors, a new approach.

Hotels can only have an occupancy of 60%, which makes the summer of 2021 even worse than the last.

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-1 #2 Brook 2021-07-27 20:22
Business will always want to make money, regardless of whether it's London or Lisbon, that's the world of commerce, don't necessarily agree with it though.
+2 #1 Stuart Wood 2021-07-22 12:19
If you can’t bring the pandemic under control, the answer is to… cheat! Just change the criteria for reporting until you get to an outcome you like and then go with that. Why not simply abolish all the controls? After all, the chase for tourist revenue is far more important than anyone’s health, isn’t it?

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