Filming of “Infernal Machine” starts on the streets of Loulé

Dr Photo - FILMING OF “INFERNAL MACHINE” STARTS ON THE STREETS OF LOULÉThe filming of “Infernal Machine”, by the American director Andrew Hunt, began this Monday in the streets of the city of Loulé. This is the first film shot at Moviebox's movie studios in Loulé, which has the support of Câmara de Loulé through the Loulé Film Office.

Last week Vítor Aleixo, mayor of Loulé, visited Moviebox Cinema Studios in the former Unicer factory in Loulé. “This is a private investment that is now beginning to be developed, differentiating and diversifying our economy”, explains Loulé Film Office on its Facebook page .

The Municipality of Loulé has been following this project, through the Loulé Film Office, since its inception in 2018.

About Loulé Film Office
The Municipality of Loulé elected Culture as one of the pillars for the development of the municipality. With this in mind, it is implementing and developing a cultural strategy that combines the preservation of heritage, contemporary creation, Creative Tourism and Cultural and Creative Industries.

In a municipality with a rich natural and cultural landscape with stunning scenery and excellent light, combined with a central location, excellent accessibility and excellent hotels, the Municipality of Loulé wants to provide the conditions for welcoming and supporting the creation of audiovisual projects, so Loulé Film Office is born.

The Loulé Film Office, in collaboration with the Algarve Film Commission, acts as a facilitator and mediator between projects and access to the county's locations and scenery, also supporting the authorisation processes.

The Municipality of Loulé thus creates conditions for the municipality to become a privileged destination for filming and photographic productions, which contribute to the strengthening of the municipality's image and promotion.

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