Yolanda Hopkins wins Miss Costa Nova Cup for the 3rd year running

Photo by André Neto - YOLANDA HOPKINS WINS MISS COSTA NOVA CUP FOR THE 3RD YEAR RUNNINGAlgarve surfer, Yolanda Hopkins, yesterday won the Miss Costa Nova Cup for the third year running, a notable event for the women's national ranking. The competition took place over the last two days, on the waves of Ílhavo, in Central Portugal.

The female surfer dominated the event from start to finish, making use of her status as an Olympic surfer and ISA world runner-up and preventing Francisca Veselko from becoming national champion.

After two rounds on Tuesday, the excitement increased with the completion of the third round and the announcement of the semifinalists. Carolina Mendes, Francisca Veselko's main rival competed against her in the semi-finals, with Yolanda Hopkins facing the young Gabriela Dinis.

With Yolanda prominently winning the first semi-final with 12.10 points, against 8.50 for Gabriela, all attention was focused on the duel between Francisca and Carolina. But it was Francisca Veselko who got the better of it and was just one more surf away from stamping the title.

After a very balanced battle, Yolanda Hopkins was once again the winner of the Miss Costa Nova Cup, with 12.50 points against 11.50 of the opponent, Francisca.

Despite the defeat in the final, Francisca Veselko leaves Ílhavo with a reinforced lead in the ranking. She will keep the leader's yellow belt at Bom Petisco Peniche Pro, the last of five stages of the MEO Surf League, which takes place from 16 to 18 September.

The Miss Costa Nova Cup is a special event that points to the women's national ranking and takes place outside the MEO Surf League, the main surfing competition in Portugal. It is organised by the Aveiro Surf Association, with the technical support of the Portuguese Surf Federation and the National Surfers Association.

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0 #1 Stuart Wood 2021-09-14 09:41
Why the "Miss" in the title if the event? Seems a bit misogynistic in current times, unless of course it has a specific purpose.

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