Loulé council allocates over €1 million to local social solidarity institutions

LOULÉ COUNCIL ALLOCATES OVER €1 MILLION TO LOCAL SOCIAL SOLIDARITY INSTITUTIONSAt the signing ceremony in the Salão Nobre dos Paços do Concelho, 33 contracts with private social solidarity institutions and social associations were signed, with the municipality allocating a total amount of 1,185,000 euros, for the development of all the entities activities this year.

The subsidy is intended for the general functioning of the institutions, the carrying out of building conservation works, or support for energy efficiency.  The Loulé City Council annually channels money to the social sector, working to meet the needs of the vulnerable and at-risk populations.

“It is public money that this Chamber decides to invest in the network of organisations, associations, homes and other social support institutions. We are very proud of this support because we know it is an important way to reach people who need help. Few municipalities finance the social support network like the one in Loulé”, stressed President Vítor Aleixo.

At the meeting, the Mayor also appealed to the institutions to adhere to the program for installing photovoltaic panels in their buildings, with 100% reimbursement by the municipality.

By integrating this equipment that produces sustainable energy, there will be a reduction in the monthly bill of around 75%, a saving that can be used by institutions for other activities. “Those institutions that have not yet equipped themselves with photovoltaic panels can ask the Chamber for support. We even help organise the process and then finance it”, he explained.

This is just one of the initiatives carried out in the Loulé municipality, with a view to reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. “We are a municipality with a proactive policy for the decarbonization and adaptation of our territory to climate change, so this support is directly linked to this objective”, he said.

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