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Arctic air will add a chill to Algarve temperatures until Friday

ARCTIC AIR WILL ADD A CHILL TO ALGARVE TEMPERATURES UNTIL FRIDAYAn arctic air mass is due to hit Portugal as early as tomorrow, Wednesday, which will bring colder weather across the country.

According to the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA), although Spring has now officially arrived, temperatures start to drop tomorrow and the cold will remain until Friday, with the lowest temperatures ​​expected for the beginning of April. 

Coming from the north of the Atlantic, the arctic air mass will cause drops in the minimum temperature between 5 and 6 degrees. On the 31st, snow may fall on the highest points of Serra da Estrela.

The IPMA also predicts a generally very cloudy sky, with the possibility of showers. Wind from the east will be strong in the Algarve and in the highlands. We can also expect some choppy seas along the Algarve coast. 

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