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Continente supermarkets are target of computer attack

CONTINENTE SUPERMARKETS ARE TARGET OF COMPUTER ATTACKThe Sonae group, owner of Continente hypermarkets, suffered a computer attack in the early hours of yesterday, Tuesday, at 2am.

The information has already been confirmed by the group, which reports that “communications on commercial sites and some in-store services” are being affected.

“Sonae MC confirms that there has been a computer attack on the systems, that is affecting some communications on commercial sites and some in-store services,” reads the statement released.

At the moment, all Continente brand online services are unavailable. However, physical stores such as supermarkets and hypermarkets are open and operating. It is possible to make payments with cash and card, but it is not possible to issue invoices . The use of the Continente card is also unavailable .

The extent of the computer attack is still being evaluated by the Sonae group, which is trying to understand whether customer data has been compromised.

The Sonae group teams “are working to investigate the disturbance” and “restore the normal operation of the activity as soon as possible” .

Source https://postal.pt/

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