Quarteira: Much needed road renovation works begin

QUARTEIRA: MUCH NEEDED ROAD RENOVATION WORKS BEGINWork to improve the Quarteira road, between Avenida Mota Pinto and Praça Cupertino Miranda, will begin next Monday, 16th May.

The works will be divided into two phases. The first will cover the section between Avenida Mota Pinto and Rua do Sol, the second phase will comprise the section between the roundabout at Rua do Sol and Praça Cupertino Miranda.

Work on the first phase begins on Monday 16th of May and is expected to be completed by mid-June. The second phase of works is expected to start only after the summer period.

The objective of this work is to restore the function and road safety conditions of what is an artery road with a heavy traffic flow, which is currently in a marked state of deterioration, both of the road surface and the pavements.

Underground infrastructure will also be targetted,with regard to waste water collectors and water supply pipes, and trench openings will be avoided in order to minimize the impact on road width.

The rainwater drainage network will be reinforced with the construction of surface water collection devices and rerouting to the existing network.

The works will inevitably cause some delays and diversions in traffic circulation, but the company responsible for these works, Inframoura, asks for “everyone's understanding and apologizes in advance for any inconvenience”.


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