Algarve PSD criticise Government for "ignoring problems in the SNS"

ALGARVE PSD CRITICISE GOVERNMENT FOR "IGNORING PROBLEMS IN THE SNS"PSD deputies, elected by the Algarve, have voiced their concerns about the lack of concrete measures to solve the current, longstanding SNS problems in the region.
As it stands, there are increasingly long waiting lists to access consultations and surgeries in the National Health Service. At Hospital de Faro, patients have to wait one year for a Cardiology consultation and more than two years for a Pulmonology consultation.

“The Government cannot continue to ignore the health problems in the Algarve, especially when news is published every day that gives an account of the very serious situation in the region. Once again this State Budget forgets the Algarve, which will be held hostage by a public health policy with no response to the region's problems. The eternal question of the construction of the Central Hospital of the Algarve remains to be resolved, since the work is not even contemplated in the OE, which shows that it is not a priority for this Government”, said deputy Ofélia Ramos, in Parliament.

The Algarve deputies Luís Gomes, Rui Cristina and Ofélia Ramos have questioned the Minister of Health about the timetable for the completion of the project to build the new Central Hospital of the Algarve, but it is now clear that the Government does not intend to improve the conditions of access to health in the district of Faro. The Algarve has been waiting for almost 20 years for this infrastructure, with no other solution available that can fill the gaps existing throughout the region.


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