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Social media star offers Olhão restaurant €500 for the free meal they offered him

SOCIAL MEDIA STAR OFFERS OLHÃO RESTAURANT €500 FOR THE FREE MEAL THEY OFFERED HIMWatch the video below: the owner of a restaurant in Quelfes allowed the unknown tourist, who claimed to have lost his wallet, to have lunch without paying, and in return, he decided to give them €500 for being so kind.

The family run restaurant in Quelfes, in Olhão, was recently surprised by a stranger, who appeared to be a tourist, but who turned out to be a man who has more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram and surprises people all over the world with monetary prizes.

The social media star, Zachery Dereniowski, became famous on social media by sharing videos and tips on mental health. He was recently in the Algarve in Olhão, when he visited the 'Casa de Pasto do Carmo' restaurant and claimed that he had lost his wallet. He asked the employee, who turns out to be the daughter of the owners of the establishment, if he could still have lunch and pay later. She did not hesitate to say that it was no problem, and continued to set the table for the Zachery.

In conversation with him, the owner's daughter revealed to Zachery that she had worked at the restaurant all her life and that her father was experiencing some health problems, no longer being able to work.

Faced with the story, Zachery made a point of meeting the employee's mother, Maria, and revealed the truth about the wallet, which was not missing at all.

To thank Maria for her trust and sympathy, he tried to give her €500, but she refuses to accept it, and charges him only the €12.50 for the meal.

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you”, writes Zachery as the video's caption, citing Maria.  The video has been shared on social media, and already has millions of views.

CLICK HERE to see the heartwarming video.

Source https://postal.pt/


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