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Human remains discovered inside a suitcase could be that of missing Uber driver

HUMAN REMAINS DISCOVERED INSIDE A SUITCASE COULD BE THAT OF MISSING UBER DRIVERThe Judiciary Police is investigating the appearance of human body parts, found in a suitcase on a patch of agricultural land in São Lourenço, Almancil.

The remains, including a skull and hair which confirmed that they belonged to a human being and thought to be female, were discovered by a man collecting carobs nearby when he smelt and felt “a very strong smell” coming from a stone wall, where he then discovered the suitcase.

He immediately called the police authorities who have confirmed that the body, dismembered and already decomposing, was inside a suitcase, which was hidden with stones next to a wall, in an area of ​​inaccessible woodland.

The authorities are now carrying out the necessary steps to identify the body and the circumstances in which the death occurred. 

There are suspicions, according to Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manhã, that it may be Sandra Andrade, the driver of a TVDE vehicle who has been missing since late June, after having left home to make a pick up. This has yet to be confirmed by forensic testing.

Sandra, a 49-year-old woman from Quarteira, was last seen on June 24th. Her car was found on June 28th in Olhão, around 30 kilometres from her home. SEE ARTICLE HERE.

Sources https://postal.pt/ and Safe Communities Portugal


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