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Woman is robbed of €30,000 in supermarket car park

WOMAN IS ROBBED OF €30,000 IN SUPERMARKET CAR PARKIt sounds like something from a movie, but a young female thief stole a suitcase containing €30,000 from the woman in the car park of a supermarket in Almancil, after convincing the victim she'd dropped some coins near the back of her car.

The victim, who requested anonymity, claims to have been fooled by thief, telling Correio da Manhã, “Already inside the car, I was approached by a young woman. I opened the door to see what she was wanted and she brought my attenion to a bunch of coins on the ground at the back of the car. I assumed they were mine and bent down to pick them up.”

When the woman returned to the inside of her vehicle, she noticed a suitcase missing, containing several items and a cash amount of thirty thousand euros. “I have a son studying abroad and I was going to send him the money”, she points out.

The victim has filed a complaint with the GNR, and the management of the Almancil store has been informed of the crime and is following the crime investigation.

Source https://www.cmjornal.pt/

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