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Silves residents speak out to reduce pollution caused by Amorim

SILVES RESIDENTS SPEAK OUT TO REDUCE POLLUTION CAUSED BY AMORIMYesterday, an activist group of Silves residents held a demonstration in front of Silves Câmara, bringing the councils attention to the pollution and noise produced by the Amorim cork factory.

Local residents living in the area close to the Amorim cork factory are sick of the pollution and noise produced by the factory and are working hard to make Amorim make changes, in the interest of public health.

The group of currently close to 100 supporters are very active, divided over the following groups:

- Group of 3 persons, dealing with the formals meeting and negotiations with CCDR, Camara, Pestana and Amorim.
- Group of 4 persons: the legal team – dealing with the law, checking letters, codes of conduct and procedures, working on installation of an Association.
- Group of 20 people: the activist group – meetings, demonstrations, flyers, banners, social media. 

Yesterdays demonstration at the Camara of Silves involved a meeting with CCDR, Pestana, Amorim and the 3 local residents, organised by Vereador Maxime.

Progress is slow, but is being made. 

If you would like to get involved, please email PoluicaoSilves@gmail.com, or visit their Instagram, Facebook or Twitter pages.




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