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Galp launches the world's first smart gas bottle

RED WATER IN SILVES: A WEEK AFTER CONTAMINATION, WATER SUPPLY IS STILL CUT OFFPortuguese energy corporation Galp has launched a new version of the 'Pluma' gas cylinder that allows the user to know the amount of gas left in the cylinder.

Galp's new 'Pluma' gas cylinder allows the user to know the amount of gas remaining in the bottle, via the cylinder being paired with a smartphone, using the company's app.

According to Galp, this is the “first smart bottle in the world to allow the user to know the gas level in real time”. This will be possible through the 'Mundo Galp' application, with the customer having to pair the gas cylinder to their smartphone, not only having access to the remaining amount of gas, but also consumption history and even the possibility of placing new orders.

Consumption monitoring helps the customer to have “greater knowledge and control over expenses (such as knowing the capacity for how many baths or meals he has, for example) and in turn helps the consumer to adapt his habits to the real needs of the house” , said Galp in a statement.

"We continue to take very concrete steps to make life easier for our customers and, at the same time, improve consumption and savings", said Teresa Abecasis, director of Galp, quoted in the statement.

Additionally, Galp's new cylinder will also indicate the emissions from its gas consumption, offset through investment in four projects to reduce or capture CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions, says the statement.

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