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Cypriot company 'HokoCloud' invests in Algarve education

CYPRIOT COMPANY 'HOKOCLOUD' INVESTS IN ALGARVE EDUCATIONHokoCloud, a fintech company based in Cyprus, have signed a strategic partnership with the Faculty of Economics of the University of Algarve, which allows curricular internships, research training and other activities of mutual interest to both entities, as well as the awarding of a merit scholarship to the master's students of this institution.

HokoCloud is a fintech company that combines its expertise to create a simple and transparent social trading platform for all parties that play a vital role in the financial trading industry. The Co-Founder and CEO of Hokocloud Rui Gago and Filipa Glória, Head of Marketing of the company, visited the Faculty of Economics of Ualg, in Faro, on November 11th, to formalise this partnership.

The partnership signed by Professor Efigénio Rebelo and facilitated by Luís Serra Coelho is another step towards opening the Faculty of Economics to the job market: "A word of thanks to  Rui Gago, who is an alumni from the Faculty of Economics and the Co-Founder and CEO of Hokocloud, who was also accompanied by Filipa Glória, who also is an alumni of our Faculty and is currently the Head of Marketing."

"We are very proud to be able to bring to the market students who we know have the renowned teaching bases to which I have been accustomed", mentions Filipa Glória.

"This university marked me as its former student, laying the foundations for the professional life that I followed later. I continue to recognize an enormous quality in the preparation of its students, and for that reason, being able to benefit from the know-how of this university simultaneously and apply them in HokoCloud projects while collaborating in the development of competencies and professional success of its students is a perfect marriage", comments Rui Gago.

It is increasingly important to bring quality education closer to the job market, and it is in this sense that HokoCloud is trying to develop.

For more information about this press release please get in touch with filipa@hokocloud.com or visit our website www.hokocloud.com

About HokoCloud

Established in 2018, HokoCloud is a fintech company of young financial services entrepreneurs that have combined their experience to create a simple transparent social trading platform for all parties that play a vital role within the brokerage industry.  Economists, Software Developers and Computer Scientists create the most cutting-edge investment solutions for the future. HokoCloud provides access to its clients across the globe to a unique ultra-low latency and fully dedicated resources VPS Network, combined with a highly effective and independent copy-trading and social trading platform.

A platform that allows investors to discover, create, manage and follow successful trading strategies in Forex, Stocks, Indexes, Commodities and Crypto, on any MT4 or MT5 based Broker.

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