“Thanks” to the pandemic, retirement age in Portugal has been lowered

“THANKS” TO THE PANDEMIC, RETIREMENT AGE IN PORTUGAL HAS BEEN LOWEREDSince retirement age in Portugal has become associated with average life expectancy, “thanks” to the covid-19 pandemic, in 2023 people can retire three months earlier than previously.

During the next two years, the Portuguese will be able to retire three months earlier. The legal retirement age has gone down due to the average life expectancy that also went down because of the pandemic.  Currently, anyone who wants to retire can only do so at 66 years and seven months old. But, in the next two years, they can retire three months earlier, at the age of 66 years and four months.

Those who intend to retire sooner than this age will suffer a cut of 13.8%, the value referring to the sustainability factor. This is a significant figure, but it still represents the lowest reduction in six years.

There are specific professions, considered more difficult, in which the legal age is lower. But there are also those who started working very early and can retire before this benchmark, without penalties.


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