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IMT will now send a reminder to drivers whose license is soon expiring

IMT WILL NOW SEND A REMINDER TO DRIVERS WHOSE LICENSE IS SOON EXPIRINGAs from today, November 30th 2022, the Mobility and Transport Institute (IMT) have a news system in place, which will remind drivers about the validity of their driving license.

The useful reminder will initially only be for those drivers with the light vehicle category B license, and will be sent via SMS, email or letter.

"The information to be sent will be adapted to the validity of each driver's driving license and will be carried out progressively during the month of December", say the IMT.

The IMT maintains that this service aims at “the continuous improvement of services provided to drivers”, presenting itself as “a first step towards the development of an automated driving license renewal system, which is being developed within the scope of the SIMPLEX, in a partnership between IMT, IRN and AMA”.


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