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Police arrest a 34 year old man suspected of child pornography in Tavira

POLICE ARREST A 34 YEAR OLD MAN SUSPECTED OF CHILD PORNOGRAPHY IN TAVIRAThe Judiciary Police of Tavira have arrested a 34 year old foreign man, suspected of the pornography of minors.

In a statement, the PJ states that “in the scope of the investigation resulting from a communication from an international organisation on Tuesday, a house search was carried out in the Tavira area, which culminated in the arrest of the suspect”.

After carrying out "computer searches" on the suspect's devices, the PJ identified "hundreds of videos and images containing pornography of minors", suspecting that part of this material may have been "shared with third parties, not yet identified".

During the operation, several devices were seized, namely a computer, mobile phones and 'pen drives'.

“The investigation continues with a view to fully clarifying the facts and identifying other possible suspects, as well as to determine the circumstances of the possible participation of the accused in the production of some of the seized material, when he still resided in his country of origin”, said the statement.

Source https://postal.pt/

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