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Family appeal for info after man is still missing after 9 days

Carlos SantosThe family of Carlos Santos, who fled from the Emergency Room at Hospital de Faro on the night of the December 4th of December, have appealed for information to help find him.

The family is desperate and have already thought about all the possibilities, “from him being lying on the side of the road, or hopefully being welcomed in by someone.”

Carlos's family is still desperately looking for him and have appealed on social media for information.

The 56 year old man is just over 170 cm tall and was wearing a blue rain jacket, light blue jeans and white sneakers at the time he went missing. He was admitted to the emergency department at Faro around 6:00 pm and left the health unit at around 11:00 pm.

Carlos Santos is bipolar and schizophrenic, “but he is not aggressive, probably just very confused”.

Carlos was seen on the night of his disappearance, at the BP fuel station in Faro towards Olhão, and in the following days he was seen in the area of ​​Fuseta, Olhão.

His niece, Sara Santos made an appeal on social networks to find Carlos Santos, saying “Anyone who knows people who work in greenhouses on the Faro-Olhão circuit, be aware, my uncle may have sheltered there from the rain and storms he has already faced!”

“Whoever has elderly family members in Faro, Olhão, Fuseta, let them know the situation because they don't have social networks, spread the word, show them pictures of my uncle, from Faro to Altura!”, she added.

Sara also appealed to the “sports crowd”, so that in the areas where people run or jog “please pay attention, in case you see anything out of the ordinary”.

“The last clue we had that seemed to be him, was a gentleman from Rio Seco (Faro) when he went to tend the cattle, he saw a man walking and then stopped, he called the GNR but did not see where the man went,  he took the car to see if he could find the man, to set his mind at rest, but could not see him”, revealed the niece.

“The last time he stopped was before the bridge that goes over the Rio Seco, that is, he could have gone to the bottom of the bridge to protect himself from the rain and fell into the dry river because he slipped, or else someone could have given him a lift”.

“Please pass the word! Don't forget to pay attention! We have to find my uncle Carlos!”, appealed Sara.

“If you see him, don't let him continue alone, talk to him and call the authorities, he will not harm anyone”, she reinforced.

Source https://postal.pt/


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