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Collision on the EN125 Portimão leaves one seriously injured

COLLISION ON THE EN125 PORTIMÃO LEAVES ONE SERIOUSLY INJUREDFour people were injured, one of them seriously, following a collision that took place yesterday afternoon between two goods vehicles on the EN125 near Belmonte, in Portimão.

The seriously injured driver was taken to the Portimão Hospital, the remaining 3 who suffered minor injuries needed no medical assistance.

The accident, which occurred in the early afternoon, led to road traffic restrictions for a short time on the road section near Belmonte, but traffic flow was soon restored.

The causes of the accident are being investigated by the Núcleo de Investigação de Crimes em Acidentes de Viação (NICAV) of the GNR.

Source Lusa

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+5 #1 Chip 2023-01-04 19:51
I can tell you the cause of the accident.

Tolls on the motorway driving traffic on to a narrow unsafe road that was built for the 1950s.

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