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Recent rains provide a small increase in reservoir levels

RECENT RAINS PROVIDE A SMALL INCREASE IN RESERVOIR LEVELSThe Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) have announced that, as of Monday this week, reservoirs throughout Portugal were at an average storage level of 82%, with the total volume stored increasing by 0.3% compared to last week.

According to the weekly reservoir bulletin published by the APA, of the 75 reservoirs monitored in mainland Portugal, 44 had a storage volume between 81% and 100%.

Thirteen reservoirs remained at between 61% and 80% of their capacity, four were at half capacity (51% to 60%), another four at almost half (between 41% and 50%), seven continued with 21% to 40% of the total volume stored and three continued to have less than 20% of their capacity.

The three reservoirs that remain in a critical situation are Campilhas and Monte da Rocha reservoirs, both in the Sado hydrographic basin in Alentejo, and the Bravura reservoir, in the Western Algarve, with only 12% of the total volume stored.

Source Portuguese Environment Agency


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