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Custody triumph over kidnap victim Ellie Silva

gannonFaro court today issued a final decision in the long-running case of kidnap victim Ellie Silva whose safety and future has been at stake since her father kidnapped her and then applied for custody pending his trial.

The judge found 100% in favour of Candice Gannon, Ellie’s mother, and awarded her full custody of Ellie while confirming that Candice has done nothing wrong, that the kidnapping of Ellie was totally unjustifiable and ordered that Ellie should be raised by her mother in Ireland.

Candice Gannon will exercise full parental responsibility over all day-to-day issues and will exclusively decide on Ellie’s place of education which will be in Ireland.  Ellie may still spend Easter and Summer holidays in the Algarve with her father, assuming he is not in jail for his daughter’s kidnap.

This news comes at the end of six painful years and the decision from the Portuguese court means Ellie can now legally relocate outside Portugal.

The Gannon family have faced constant battles with two trials for custody, a highly publicised kidnapping and decisions from the high court, Supreme Court and constitutional court.

Family life in Dublin beckons and Candice and her husband can celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary in the knowledge that justice has at last been done and Ellie can rejoin her sister Olivia and newborn twin brothers when finally she leaves the hotel room in Funchal, Madeira where she had been ordered to live with her natural father who faces charges relating to her kidnap.

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+1 #3 Sean O Brian 2014-10-09 08:15
The small town corrupt and inept 'legal system' in the Algarve seems to take great pride in their culture of ineptitude, inefficiency, nepotism, corruption and racism. It will take several generations of EU membership to change this mindset. The corrupt criminal prosecutor that was advising Silva to evade arrest has not been charged. His lawyer Nuno Remedios has not been charged either or disciplined by the law society, even though Ellie was hidden in the apartment building in Porto where he has a flat! Ana Maria Silva (paternal Grandmother) was let off scot free even though she stayed with Ellie throughout the kidnapping and lied to police saying she did not know where she was. Mr. Alfonso Marques who kept Ellie in his two bed flat in Porto has not been charged of any crime. In the first seven months since Ellie was found, Candice Gannon endured over a dozen visits from armed police to her home and to Ellie's school while the Faro civil court prepared a trial to consider the merits of awarding her father custody of Ellie, while he was awaiting trial for kidnapping her!! This is Portuguese justice ...if the complainant British. :eek: All ex pats living in Portugal be warned!
+3 #2 Susanna Williams 2014-04-27 08:24
Good point .... but yet again this shows the 'Chancer Gene' in action - in professionals - so clearly.

The Public Prosecutor passing on messages to the kidnapper father; the lawyer fully aware (like several others) of the missing childs whereabouts. Judges making 'fudged' decisions.

No one at all aware of their higher duty to society and the EU standards expected of their professions.

And being Irish the mother, Mrs Gannon, was as good as British (in Pink Map 1890 times she still was) .... so a legitimate target to antagonise.
+3 #1 Alice Sommers 2014-04-25 09:58
Any apologies perhaps? Or do the authorities just walk away without any shame?

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