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Armação de Pêra: Man arrested with 1,500 doses of heroin

ARMAÇÃO DE PÊRA: MAN ARRESTED WITH 1,500 DOSES OF HEROINThe Silves Criminal Investigation Nucleus of the GNR have arrested a 31 year old man for drug trafficking in Armação de Pêra, with more than 1,500 doses of heroin in his possession.

The police saw that an individual was trying to hide an object under some rocks and upon realizing the presence of the GNR he escaped on foot, leaving three mobile phones and his vehicle at the scene, as well as a stash of narcotics.

The authorities located the suspect and found that “the individual was in possession of a bag containing more narcotic product”.

The arrest culminated in the seizure of 1538 doses of heroin, 125 doses of cocaine, 3 mobile phones and 535 euros in cash. 

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