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Lagoa opens “senior university” as part of the municipality's 250th anniversary celebrations

LAGOA OPENS “SENIOR UNIVERSITY” AS PART OF THE MUNICIPALITY'S 250TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONSThe Câmara de Lagoa have opened a multipurpose building “Pátio das Gerações”, where the Senior University will be located, and simultaneously marked the anniversary of the Senior Cultural Academy, which will be responsible for training and teaching.

The multipurpose building is located in Largo do Convento de S. José, in Lagoa, behind the school cafeteria, where the former municipal nursery was located.

In addition to the official opening ceremony, a “small presentation” of the project was made by the Senior Cultural Academy of Lagoa, and a “visit to the building”, where participants watched “two musical pesentations, one by the Associação de Educação Artística de Lagoa – Artis XXI – and the other by the Senior Cultural Academy of Lagoa”.

The opening marked the  beginning of celebrations of the 250th anniversary of the municipality.

The mayor of Lagoa, Luís Encarnação, said with the inauguration of the “Pátio das Gerações”, Lagoa now has “a building to make available to seniors”, considering that this segment of the population “still has a lot to give” to the municipality.


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0 #1 Norman L 2023-01-23 11:33
Might be a problem going there once and forgetting where it is the next time.

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