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Plane makes an emergency landing at Faro airport after circling Tavira for over an hour

PLANE MAKES AN EMERGENCY LANDING AT FARO AIRPORT AFTER CIRCLING TAVIRA FOR OVER AN HOUR - Photo from Flight radar 24A Ryanair plane heading for Brimingham made an emergency landing yesterday afternoon at Faro airport, after a problem detected on board.

The flight departed Faro airport at 13:24, but as it flew over the Beja area on route to Birmingham, a problem was detected on board and the plane returned to make a safe landing at Faro.

It landed safely at 15:05, after spending almost an hour and a half cirlcling around the Tavira region and then over sea, while waiting to land.

Firefighting and emergency crews were activated at Faro Airport, but the plane with 188 passengers on board landed without any difficulty and will now be subject to technical expertise to assess the problem.

The plane is thought to have had a failure in the 'flaps', an extension of the wing of the plane that helps the plane to reduce speed, namely on landing, and will remain at the airport for repairs.

Passengers on the aircraft were transferred to another plane, so that they could continue their journey.

Image by Flight Radar24

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