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Head of SEF in Albufeira accused of corruption

HEAD OF SEF IN ALBUFEIRA ACCUSED OF CORRUPTIONIt has been announced today that the head of the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) in Albufeira will be tried for passive corruption, after receiving money in 2018 to facilitate residence permit processes.

“The monetary amounts delivered were independent of the fees, fines and charges due for the residence permit processes and were pocketed by the defendant, for his own benefit”, says the Public Prosecution Service.

In a statement, the Public Ministry said that the 61 year old man will be tried for two crimes of passive corruption, while the foreigners who paid him to speed up the processes, aged 44 and 24, will be tried for a crime of active corruption. .

The crimes took place in June and July 2018, when the SEF employee in Albufeira, always outside office hours and in his own office, received money from the two men illegally, says the statement on the website of the District Attorney of Faro.

Source https://postal.pt/

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