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Knife fight in Vilamoura leaves 5 young people injured

KNIFE FIGHT IN VILAMOURA LEAVES 5 YOUNG PEOPLE INJUREDA clash between five youngsters in the car park of the Vilamoura Casino resulted in a fight with bladed weapons, resulting in all of the youths suffering injuries.

The fight occured just after 6:00 am on Sunday morning, closing time for the 'Dice' nightclub, located in the same building as the Vilamoura Casino. 

Two of the young people suffered injuries to their backs, arms and legs and are in serious condition. The rest had cuts and abrasions on their face, head and back. Of the injured, four were transported to Faro hospital and one refused assistance.

The group consisted of three Portuguese and two Brazilians, aged between 19 and 23 years.

The attacks were filmed and shared in private groups on social networks. In one of the videos it is possible to see attacks on at least two boys. One of them is hit twice, once in the back. In another video, it is possible to see a boy on the ground, with marks on his knee and arm, and being assisted by a GNR soldier.

Witness accounts helped the GNR to identify two of the suspects, aged 20 and 24. However, no arrests were made because they were not caught in the act or any bladed weapons seized.

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