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No rain, but hail instead on Monchique!

NO RAIN, BUT HAIL INSTEAD ON MONCHIQUE!The rain predicted by the IPMA (and the ants!) for yesterday was a no show in most places throughout the Algarve, but it rained hail in Monchique!  (see video below)

The drought and the danger of fire are constantly felt in most parts of the country, and most were looking forward to the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere's prediction for this Wednesday of periods of very cloudy skies, with the possibility of showers and thunderstorms in the southern region. 

But nobody expected hail - in the video here you can see the large hailstones falling on Monchique yesterday.

The situation of meteorological drought worsened in mainland Portugal in the month of April, 89% of the mainland is in drought, 34% of which is in severe and extreme drought, according to the latest IPMA climate bulletin.

Since the beginning of the year, 2,963 fire events have already affected 8,191 hectares of rural areas.

Video by Bolos Algarvios – Portugal 

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