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GNR investigate animals poisoned in Albufeira and Silves

GNR INVESTIGATE ANIMALS POISONED IN ALBUFEIRA AND SILVESDuring a GNR investigation concerning animals being poisoned in the countryside of Paderne and Algoz, a police tracking dog even became a victim.

Hundreds of animals have died from alleged poisoning after eating contaminated meat in the municipalities of Albufeira and Silves, which is why the GNR is in the process of investigating.

“There are more than 40 traps spread across these hunting areas. Those who place them do so in the early hours of the morning and use small pieces of poisoned chicken.”

The practice of poisoning animals is not new and residents of Paderne, in Albufeira, have been complaining for more than 20 years. However, recently, the situation has been getting worse. In Algoz, Silves the situation is the same.

According to a Paderne resident , “this week at least two dogs have eaten contaminated meat: one survived, the other ended up dying. Dogs, cats, sheep, the list is long.”

It's not just domestic animals and livestock that are affected. Animals such as foxes, eagles and mongoose also die from these poisonings.

According to Portuguese newspapers, the poison used is a pesticide banned in Portugal, responsible for thousands of deaths.

Animal owners, please be vigilant!

What are the symptoms of animal poisoning?
Foaming at the mouth, lethargy, shaking or unusual movements, upset stomach, unusual swelling, pale gums, or behavioral changes.

What to do if you think your dog's been poisoned.
Stay calm and move your dog away from the source of poison. Contact your vet immediately - inform them when, where and how the poisoning happened. If possible, take the packaging or substance to the vet, but only if you can do this safely.


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