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Another European chain opens a new store in the Algarve

ANOTHER EUROPEAN CHAIN OPENS A NEW STORE IN THE ALGARVEGerman chain store TEDi will open its first store in the the Algarve, in Lagos, on September 28th, in Largo do Infantário.

The brand, known for its decorative items, home products and stationery and crafts at low prices, already has stores in Guimarães, Maia, Barcelos, Águeda and Vila do Conde in Portugal, since 2022.

Portugal is increasingly becoming a country for foreign investment, not just real estate investment, but for the opening of new chain stores. In recent months chain stores such as Polish Pepco, German Kik and Danish Normal have all opened new stores in Portugal.

The brand already had stores in Guimarães, Maia, Barcelos, Águeda and Vila do Conde. The next opening will be in the Algarve, more specifically, in Lagos. The chain's new space opens on September 28th, in Largo do Infantário.

TEDi was created in 2004, in Dortmund, Germany. The brand has around 2800 stores spread across 12 European countries: Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Portugal. The company employs more than 28,000 people.

In addition to offering products similar to those of Ikea, the German retailer's logo of yellow and blue, resembles that of the Swedish company too. The brand's strategy focuses on selling items at affordable prices and smaller in size.

TEDi identifies itself as a "local, family-friendly provider with a presence not only in urban areas but also in rural regions." The company offers a wide range of products that include products for everyday needs, gifts, decorative items, toys and stationery, as well as party, DIY and drug store items.

The brand's strategy foresaw the opening of at least six stores in Portugal. With five establishments already operating in the country, this imminent opening will allow TEDi to achieve its established objective.

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