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Silves: Demonstration against Amorim smoke pollution - Sept 29th

SILVES: DEMONSTRATION AGAINST AMORIM SMOKE POLLUTION - SEPT 29THUnfortunately since June this year, when demonstrators believed Amorim were involved in addressing the problem of smoke pollution from their factory in Silves, the situation has in fact worsened.

Agreements were made to introduce filters and noise insulation at the cork factory. However local residents say "We now have much more smelly, white smoke and black smoke, which has PM10 particles covering large areas of the Silves area, including The German School and the outskirts of Carvoeiro."

The group pushing fomr something to be done, Vizinhos da Fabrica, are demonstrating outside Silves Câmara on Friday 29th September at 10-11 am. They ask for your support, by attending this short, peaceful demonstration.

This is when representatives of Amorim, CDDR, Pestana, and the representatives of our group meet with the Vice President of the Camara for the quarterly meeting.

For more information, please contact epkevans@hotmail.com

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