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Residents outraged as rubbish accumulates on 'privately owned' land

RESIDENTS OUTRAGED AS RUBBISH ACCUMULATES ON 'PRIVATELY OWNED' LANDSeveral residents who live nearby a plot of land located on Estrada Nacional EN2, in Faro have expressed theuir concern regarding a piece of land which has accumulated trash : “It looks like a dumpster.”

More and more rubbish is appearing at the plot of  land, which appears to be private property due to the fence that surrounds it, turning it into a kind of open-air dump. This situation has generated outrage not only among local residents, but also among those who pass through the area.

The community has been following the deterioration of the situation over the last five years with increasing concern. 

“This situation has been getting worse over the last five years. People continue to deposit rubbish here, and now we have reached a point where it looks more like a rubbish bin, given its current condition”, said a local resident.

Asked whether the land is occupied, the anonymous witness says that “the land is not occupied, at least permanently. But they pass by here. Everything that is taken into the containers, they take to the field and leave it scattered there”.

Regarding whether this is a public health issue, the interviewee agrees, adding that, in her opinion, “the authorities should have already done something, but unfortunately, only when extremes are reached, measures begin to be taken”.

Regarding the actions of the Faro City Council, the witness said that “the câmara was not formally informed, but many people have already reported the situation on social media, which has generated a large response”.

“I think that representatives from the council have already been on site to talk to the owner and discuss the imposition of costs related to the situation”, she said.

Faro City Council have been contacted by Portuguese newspaper CM, to obtain information about the case, but to date, have not received an official response in relation to the concerns raised by residents.

The community claims that this is an environmental and public health problem that requires urgent attention.

Source https://postal.pt/

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