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Alte: 100 year old Albertina refuses to retire

ALTE: 100 YEAR OLD ALBERTINA REFUSES TO RETIREAlte resident, Albertina Madeira has reached the grand old age of 100 years old, and has no plans to retire from running Alte village newspaper Ecos da Serra.

Although she reached the impressive milestone of 100 years of age last week, Albertina still plays an active role in the newspaper's editorial staff.

The newspaper became a vital link between the Alte community and the village's children and grandchildren who spread to the four corners of the world.  For her, the passion she has for her land and the desire to share news from the Algarve mountains with the world are reason enough to continue her dedication to journalism.

Over the years, Albertina has seen the bi-monthly newspaper evolve and grow, and has a team of more than 10 dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to produce the parish's informative bimonthly newspaper.

“I like there to be good things in my land; One of them is the newspaper, not all villages have a newspaper”, she says.

“I am the director, and now at 100 years old, I only step in when the final edition of the newspaper arrives, to amend something if necessary”, she continued.

“Ecos da Serra” was founded in 1967 by volunteers from the “Grupo de Amigos de Alte”, with the support of the local authority. The newspaper emerged as a response to the desire to maintain connections with local soldiers during the Overseas War.

Albertina's sister, Maria de Lurdes Palmeira, a primary school teacher, had the idea of ​​creating the newspaper, to share community news with these soldiers.

Maria Amélia is one of the oldest volunteers. “There are 800 newspapers printed every two months, so practically, in Europe, they go to all countries”.

Although Albertina does not have children or grandchildren to continue her legacy at the newspaper, she is determined to continue leading Ecos da Serra for as long as she can.

Receiving letters from satisfied readers, even those who live on the other side of the world, is a constant reminder for Albertina that her work is appreciated and valued.

“These are the wishes of friendship from this friend and reader of our Ecos da Serra" said Albertina, "Stay well today, and always”, said the message that arrived from Australia.

With her resilient spirit and love for her land, Albertina Madeira is a notable example of how journalism can transcend generations and continue to play a vital role in preserving local history and culture. Her tireless dedication to journalism and her community is an inspiration to all who value the importance of local heritage and community communication.


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