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Olhão: Suspected robber threatens police with a gun

OLHÃO: SUSPECTED ROBBER THREATENS POLICE WITH A GUNThe PSP of Olhão arrested a 34 year old man at the weekend, on suspicion of robbery for committing the crime of threatening an employee and resisting arrest.

The police statement explains, “under suspicion of committing the crime of theft, the individual was questioned by the PSP on public roads. At that moment, he removed a firearm that he had hidden in his waist area, pointing it at the police officer who carried out the approach”.

The man fired a shot into the air, as a means of warning, then dropped the gun and backpack he was carrying and fled. However, he was caught and detained by the police involved.

In addition to the gun, which turned out to be a compressed air gun, the authorities seized a crowbar and the backpack which contained several stolen objects, valued at around €9,000. These items were later identified in person by the respective owner.

The suspect appeared before the Judiciary Authority yesterday, and was ordered to make periodic appearances at the police station.

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