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Algarve: 10 people arrested for drug trafficking so far this week

ALGARVE: 10 PEOPLE ARRESTED FOR DRUG TRAFFICKING SO FAR THIS WEEKThis week so far, the GNR have arrested three women and seven men between 23 and 50 years old, for drug trafficking in the Algarve region.

As part of an investigation into trafficking in narcotic products that lasted around ten months and spread across the entire Algarve region, the GNR carried out police investigations that established that these individuals were involved in drug trafficking, and that they were part of a drug distribution network for sale to consumers in the Algarve region, said  the GNR statement.

34 search warrants were carried out, 15 home search warrants and 19 non-domestic search warrants, namely 14 in vehicles, one in a sailing vessel, one in an establishment, two in warehouses and in a garage, all in various locations in the of Albufeira, Loulé, Faro, Olhão and Portimão. These searches culminated in the arrest of the ten suspects and the seizure of various material related to the illicit activity.

During the searches, police seized 500 doses of hashish, 334 doses of cocaine, four doses of liamba, 3.23 grams of MDMA, 1.1 grams of CBD hashish concentrate, four hallucinogenic mushroom capsules, an alarm pistol and nine casings, a brass knuckle, a cleaver, a knife, 15,385 euros in cash, three scales, 17 cell phones and seven vehicles.

The detainees will be presented at the Judicial Court of Loulé today, for sentencing.

The action included military personnel from the Coastal Control Unit, Territorial Detachment of Faro and Loulé, Intervention Detachment of Faro, Intervention and Public Order Group and with the support of the Public Security Police, in a total of 147 operational personnel.

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