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Tavira: Driver rescued after car becomes submerged while crossing bridge

TAVIRA: DRIVER RESCUED AFTER CAR BECOMES SUBMERGED WHILE CROSSING BRIDGEA man had to be rescued yesterday morning, after his car became submerged by the rising water of the Ribeira da Fonte Salgada, in Tavira.

The alert was given at 8:25am Monday morning and, with the Tavira Municipal Fire Department immediately sent to the scene.

The incident occurred while the man was crossing the bridge that connects the town of Fonte Salgada to the village of Solteiras.

The Algarve Sub-regional Emergency and Civil Protection Command explained that “the car began crossing the bridge and became stranded and partially submerged”, resulting from the increase in the river's flow “due to the heavy rain". 

The driver suffered no injuries and the car was promptly removed from the scene by the Fire Department.

Source https://postal.pt/


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