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Monchique: New pedestrian suspension bridge opens

MONCHIQUE: NEW PEDESTRIAN SUSPENSION BRIDGE OPENSMonchique, now has yet another attraction for all those who appreciate nature and enjoy hiking - the Barranco do Demo Walkway was officially opened this Saturday.

Pedestrian route that connects the village of Alferce to Cerro do Castelo de AlferceThe pedestrian suspension bridge is around 50 metres long and 20 metres above ground, and although it has been accessible since the end of July, was officially inaugurated at the weekend. 

The wooden walkway is part of a wider pedestrian route that connects the village of Alferce to Cerro do Castelo de Alferce, stretching for approximately one kilometre. The highlight for many is now the suspension bridge, which crosses the gorge known as Barranco do Demo and provides an excellent view of the surrounding landscape.

A relatively simple and quick walk, there are some parts that can present challenges, such as 500 steps, the narrow and steep paths, as well as the climbs and descents. The biggest challenge for those afraid of heights may be walking on the new suspension bridge.

According to Paulo Alves, president of the municipality, the objective of the structure developed by the Alferce Parish Council, with the support of the Monchique City Council , is to offer visitors “access to unique sites, to raw nature, to areas inaccessible until now”.

The investment for this walkway is around €400,000, and integrates the future Cerro do Castelo do Alferce Interpretation Center (CICCA) project, which will explain the importance of the ruins of the Islamic castle.

Photos CM Monchique



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0 #1 Stuart H Watson 2023-10-28 11:01
I was excited to read this.
Improved facilities for hikers (cyclists too) ..a “win “ for locals and tourists alike.

Just the sort of investment that’s needed, in the “more remote” areas of the Algarve.

However I was dismayed when I visited it.
The bridge itself is OK, but the “decking” they used is the cheap and flimsy sort.

The workmanship is appalling.
Even after a month is showing signs of decay and damage. I witnessed two children collect splinters in their hands.

Whoever built, it should be deeply embarrassed. I very much doubt it will be usable in ten or twelve years.

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