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Three young motorcyclists die in accidents within 12 hours

Three young motorcyclists die in accidents within 12 hours.Three young motorcyclists lost their lives in the Algarve in three separate accidents last weekend, two of the motorcyclists lost control of their vehicles on the EN124-1, between Silves and Lagoa and the third on the IC2, in Salir, Loulé.

The alert for the first accident was given early evening, at the roundabout on the EN124-1, between Silves and Lagoa,  near the access to the A22. Rogério Marques, from Lagoa, aged 36, was assisted at the scene by emergency services, but died soon after at Portimão Hospital.

Almost simultaneously, “about a kilometre away, another motorcyclist, Rafael Candeias, 28 years old, from Bensafrim, Lagos, who belonged to the same group of friends as the first victim, suffered a crash on the junction between the EN124-1 and the EN125. His death was pronounced at the scene. 

The last fatal incident occurred at 9:39am and took the life of 29 year old Miguel Bentes, this time at the IC2, in Salir, Loulé. Death was pronounced at the scene.

The GNR Criminal Investigation Unit for Road Accidents is investigating the circumstances of the three fatal accidents.

Our sincere condolences go to the family and friends of Rogério Marques, Rafael Candeias and Miguel Bentes.

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