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Rota do Petisco 2023 generated a whopping €353,000

Rota do Petisco Best Chef, Daniel Ski from Kamiza Sushi BarThis years' edition of the Rota do Petisco generated over €353,000, and as usual, resulted in the presentation of awards to some of the 176 establishments in 11 municipalities in the Algarve that took part.
The 2023 Rota do Petisco took place between September 15th and October 15th, in 176 cafes, bars and restaurants across the Algarve. Snack eaters had at their disposal 150 snacks, 26 sweets, 14 signature dishes from renowned chefs, 12 dishes from other countries and 15 vegetarian snacks on the main menu, in addition to other vegetarian options offered by many establishments.
On each Rota day, it is estimated that around 3,065 menus were sold and that each establishment sold, on average, 18 "routes" daily. In total, 95,200 menus were sold, resulting in a direct economic impact on the region of around €353,000!
Through the sale of Rota do Petisco passports that guarantee access to the event, it was possible to raise around €12,500 euros to be distributed to social projects and charitable institutions in the Algarve. 
A "Best Chef" award of the Rota do Petisco was given for the first time, going to Chef Daniel Ski from Kamiza Sushi Bar, in Loulé, who presented "A journey through Japan" in the form of a snack.
Photo - Rota do Petisco Best Chef, Daniel Ski from Kamiza Sushi Bar, Loulé
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