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4 million doses of drugs seized and 345 detained over the weekend

4 MILLION DOSES OF DRUGS SEIZED AND 345 DETAINED OVER THE WEEKENDShockingly, more than four million doses of drugs and dozens of weapons were seized over the weekend, in a national operation that involved the PSP and GNR, resulting in the arrest of more than 340 people.

In a joint statement, the PSP and GNR explain that in the “Portugal + Seguro 2023” operation, more than a hundred nightlife establishments were also inspected, with 286 administrative offenses registered.

More than 30 reports of administrative offenses and/or crimes were registered, the authorities added, explaining that this operation involved the inspection of nightlife venues and establishments, as well as the consumption and sale of drugs and psychotropic substances to deter crime and promote the reinforcement of the feeling of security.

More than 4,000 members of the PSP and GNR participated in the operation, which allowed the seizure of 4,099,899 individual doses of drugs, including more than four million doses of cannabis, 561 of hashish, 29,984 of cocaine and 655 of heroin.
82 weapons were also seized, including firearms, bladed weapons and ammunition.

The various inspection by PSP and GNR, took place on Saturday and Sunday throughout the vountry, leading to the arrest of 345 people, 85 for drug trafficking, one for possession of a prohibited weapon, 205 for driving under the influence of alcohol and 54 for lack of a legal license to drive.

In the area of ​​road safety, 1,633 administrative offense notices were issued, 526 for speeding, 232 for lack of IPO inspection, 55 for driving under the influence of alcohol, 113 for lack of mandatory insurance, 50 for improper use of a cell phone during driving and 55 for not using a child seat.

In the note released this morning, the authorities say that among the crimes that rose the most this year are those related to violent and serious crime, which increased by 14.4% compared to the last year.

The increase in the number of crimes such as drug trafficking rose 48.1%, driving vehicles with an alcohol content equal to or greater than 1.2 g/l (+ 43.4%), domestic violence (+15%, equivalent to 3,968 more cases), group crime (+18%, 898 more cases) and juvenile delinquency, which increased by 50.6% (567 more situations).


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