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Algarve: Portugal's first indoor water park opens

ALGARVE: PORTUGAL'S FIRST INDOOR WATER PARK OPENSThe long-awaited Aquashow Indoor, the first indoor water park in Portugal, has finally opened its doors, offering a year-round water experience, regardless of weather conditions.

The new space promises a warm atmosphere, perfect for colder days, and a variety of attractions designed for the whole family. Among the possible attractions are five water levels with varying depths, interactive games, exciting slides and massage jets.

In addition to traditional water entertainment, at this indoor water park you can find new features, such as adventure circuits, climbing walls, a playground for the little ones and relaxation areas. Visitors can also expect to find spa facilities, jacuzzis, Turkish baths and therapeutic pools, providing a complete wellness experience.

Aquashow Park in Quarteira, recognised as the largest and most comprehensive water park in Portugal, is already a reference for its outdoor park, which offers everything from exciting slides to shows with birds of prey and reptiles. With the opening of this indoor water park, the complex promises to attract even more visitors throughout the year.

Whether for a day of family fun or relaxing in the spa facilities, Aquashow Indoor promises to offer a unique and comprehensive experience for all visitors. With changing areas, leisure areas and restaurant options, Aquashow continues to reinforce its position as a leader in water entertainment in Portugal.


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