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Vila Real de Santo António: Women's Padel team become national champions

VILA REAL DE SANTO ANTÓNIO: WOMEN'S PADEL TEAM BECOME NATIONAL CHAMPIONSThe Padel Clube de Vila Real de Santo António women's team became National Champion of the Padel Club League in the Women's V category at the weekend.

The games were played between November 30th and December 3rd in Porto, at Clube da Quinta de Monserrate and at Top Padel Industrial.

The Padel Clube de VRSA team, composed of Sara Gomes, Marta Salvador, Diana Moia, Laura Martins, Ana Norberto, Ana Cristo, Inês Ferreira, Daniela Martins, Rebeca Alves and Margarida Monchique started the competition on December 1st, winning the first 3-0 game against the Padel Beat Black – Penafiel team.

On December 2, the round of 16 finals were played in the morning, where the Vila Realenses team got the better of CD Panorânicos A – Funchal (Madeira) with a 2-1 victory, in the afternoon the final quarters were played and the Vilarealenses teams eliminated Top-padel – Braga 3-0.

On the last day of the competition, at 09:00, the semi-final was played against Padel4Move/Imortal – Albufeira in a well-fought game, where Padel Clube VRSA got the better of it and achieved a 2-1 victory, passing to the final, where they became champions with a 2-1 victory against Ferraz TC – Funchal (Madeira).

The Men's Padel Clube de VRSA team also competed in the FPPadel 2023 Club League in the Men's V category, having reached the quarter finals, but were eliminated 1-2 by Ferraz TC – Funchal (Madeira).

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