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Explosions and fire destroy beach restaurant in Luz

EXPLOSIONS AND FIRE DESTROY BEACH RESTAURANT IN LUZThe iconic beachside restaurant Paraiso in Luz has been completely destroyed by a fire which began just after midnnight, on Wednesday.

Residents in Luz were awoken by the sound of explosions, as the much family run restaurant-bar, initially established in 1964, was engulfed in flames. The flames and smoke could be seen from a long distance.

Modernised by the current owners in 2002, the establishement was much loved by locals and tourists, enjoying prime position on the Praia Da Luz.

The nature of the explosions lends the hypothesis that gas canisters, used for cooking, may have had a catastrophic failure and exploded. It’s unknown whether there was an unknown fault which caused the subsequent explosions, and if the disaster was intentional or accidental.

Unfortunately, the entire restaurant has been destroyed, as flames continued to smoulder well into Wednesday afternoon. 

Fortunately nobody was injured and no surrounding restaurants, buildings, or structures were impacted as Paraiso was separated from other businesses. 

Local authorities and fire brigade are currently investigating the wreckage to see how the disaster occurred.

Source https://lagosnomads.com - See more images at https://lagosnomads.com/paraiso-fire-explosions-luz/


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